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Mary Kom or M.C Mary Kom born in the year 1983 is a true story of dedicated hard work. She is a prodigal story of a black swan dancing and curling her way to glory.
Mary Kom was always interested in sports since her childhood. She started off boxing in 2000 and was a quick learner who preferred to be put through the same paces as the boys around her.

She initially tried to keep her interest from her father, M. TonpuKom and mother SaneikhamKom, but winning a 2000 State Championship got her more than just the win, it got her a photograph in the newspaper.
After winning her first title and Best Boxer at the First State Level Invitation Women’s Boxing Championship in Manipur in 2000, Mary Kom went on to win the gold in the Seventh East India Women’s Boxing Championship held in West Bengal and five subsequent Indian National Championships from 2000 to 2005.

Before we delve into her success, readers must note that she is a proud mother of two, Renvpa and NaiNai, a girl and boy respectively. Though she does realise that there is a lot of sacrifice and hard work that has gone into being what she is today, she completely dotes on her family as her pillar and believes that her husband’s support has casted magic in his life.

In the year 2003 she was the first woman boxer ever to receive India’s prestigious Arjuna award for her achievement in boxing.Her recent win in the 6th Asian Championship has only revealed her angst to get closer to Olympics.

Mary’s decent beginning from Kangathei and her fame through continents of the world talks a lot about her. However, it was Mary’s Never-Say-Die attitude with which she was able to earn laurels far away from her village. Mary Kom can hence be truly called the ‘Alpha’ woman of the new age.


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