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Presently our society is going through the most difficult phase were crime rates are at it’s peak. Take the recent incident of 23 years old girl been raped by gang of six men last week in Delhi. What do you think, these six men are suffering from ? Despite knowing that they are getting into crime, they are not able to stop their mind to commit this crime. Instead of using their energy in a positive direction they had misused it and brought bad name to our society / humanity.

The need of hour is to accept the fact and find out the best solution to eradicate such crimes rather than adding on to such crimes by taking violent steps as knee jerk reaction.

An idle mind is a devils workshop – where energy is directed towards wrong direction, which takes the form of crime in the society. In the above incident, capital punishment can not be the solution to eradicate such misuse of energy from the society. Rather one need to find out ways to engage these empty minds in a constructive way.

We need to keep youth especially the teenagers very busy, give them plenty of entertainment and lots of sports. Give them so much work that they do not have any time for anything. They come back home tired and fall asleep. So it is the age between eight to eighteen that they can learn sports. They should go to the gymnasium, do swimming. You know, when someone has done swimming for an hour, and then some exercise they come back home and all their energy is exhausted and they want to sleep. Morning they wake up fresh and they should learn music, they should be given lot of puzzles, and they should be exposed to a lot of information, entertainment, and education.

For many ordinary people, sport and physical activity is plain fun, or a fantasy that allows one to escape from day-to-day reality of family conflict, homelessness, or the temptations to use alcohol, drug.

By donning a uniform, young people can be equal, regardless of their diverse backgrounds. Sport and physical activity can give people a sense of belonging, loyalty and support, which may mean that suicide, truancy, and illicit drug use is no longer viewed as an option. The experiences young people get from involvement in sport could include physical activity, fitness, and skill development. It is also an enjoyment of play and a form of social integration. Crime prevention is not the primary objective of sport and physical activity,but it might be an extremely positive byproduct.

Real life story of  Deepa Malik ( who was recently nominated for Arjuna Award gives us an insight on how sports can bring an ambition in one’s life and one can keep himself / herself in right track to attain it.

Considering India has huge population, we need to have groups, available in each and every part of our country, supported by the government and private companies to provide a platform for engaging youth in such constructive activities which can develop service attitude and ambition in their life.

We should start theses activities from those places where there are limited opportunities like villages as a result, people moving from villages to city without any clue what they will do in city, can get engaged in such activities and can make a move to city with clear focus and ambition.

Of course! the idea shared above is not going to fully eradicate such crimes but it will help us in developing fleet of people who will have guts to raise their voice against such crimes out of sense of belonging-ness  and respect.

Please share your comments to help us in providing best service to our society.


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