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Kapil Dev had been an efficient medium pace bowler, middle order hard hitting batsman, quality fielder and an excellent captain. Many a times, he has completely changed the outcome of a match with his cricketing skills, because of which he is called a ‘Legendary Cricketer’

In the year 2002, Kapil Dev was chosen the “Indian Player of the Century” by Wisden (London). A 35 member selection committee chose Kapil Dev for the award, leaving behind Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar. They were of the view that Kapil Dev had the ability to single handedly change the result of the match. His immense skill in bowling, batting, fielding and his captaincy could change the fate of any match. No other cricketer can boast of possessing so many positive cricketing qualties

Kapil Dev gave a new direction to Indian cricket and received appreciation and popularity for himself in the process. In 1983, under his captaincy, the Indian cricket team won the World Cup.

World Cup victory in 1983 was a defining moment for cricket in India. As Indian captain, Kapil played an instrumental role in the country’s success. Kapil Dev, the ever-remembered master of Indian Cricket, was not just lifting up a world cup trophy, but he was uplifting the proud legacy of India before the world. Kapil is ever remembered for his rich contribution to cricket.

After retirement from cricket in 1994, Kapil Dev took up golf. Kapil was the only Asian founding member of Laureus Foundation in 2000. Ian Botham and Viv Richards were the other two cricketers on the founding member council of 40. Steve Waugh was added to the Academy members in 2006 when it was expanded from 40 to 42. He has written three autobiographical works. By God’s Decree came out in 1985 and Cricket my style in 1987. He released his autobiography, titled Straight from the Heart in 2004.

Kapil Dev along with other philanthropists started an NGO named KHUSHII(Kinship for Humanitarian Social and Holistic Intervention) in 2005 and heads it as Chairman at present. KHUSHII runs three schools for the less privileged in Delhi and provides education, mid-day meals and clothing to them. In the past, KHUSHII has worked in Neemrana district covering 97 villages and running programmes like family planning, health camps etc.and also started the first Telemedicine hospital there. Khushii has widened its intervention activities. Working towards its vision of transforming lives globally, Khushii has launched- “World Action Forum” – an umbrella charitable body which supports competent NGOs to further mutually beneficial outreach programs under controlled quality management and complete transparency. It would be a body that collectively works towards global rehabilitation. All the organisations joining WAF will be able to learn and jointly raise funds creating a body rich in expertise and finance to enable and sustain our endeavor towards welfare of the less privileged round the globe.Kapil Dev is actively involved in supporting the needy through his NGO KHUSHII with its office in New Delhi.

Salute to this great all round personality!!!

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