The ones among us who don’t have to worry about mundane things such as food, clothes or a roof over our heads, have a bit too much time on our hands. Some of us sit in our air-conditioned drawing rooms, thinking about saving something or the other. Some are arrogant enough to want to save the planet.

Biking regularly keeps you fit, and even helps the environment.

We seem to live in denial. We think that the consequences of the mess created by us, the citizens of the world, will show up in some distant future or might not even affect us at all. But it is affecting all of us; right now, right here. To make any worthwhile impact on these issues, we need to start from an individual level. We need to move the emphasis back to saving ourselves, because that itself is going to be a massive project. Only an individual, fit in both body and mind, is even remotely capable of thinking of a fit environment, leave alone taking any actions for it. Also, the more individuals do their physical activity outside, the better they connect with their surroundings. This individual change then spreads through society.


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