SportsAnanta is an initiative of NYAYPATH( to develop a harmonious environment by promoting Sports Culture where sports can be flourished in day to day life of a common man. We strongly believe that sports activities can provide hands on solutions for better and fulfilling life which is a basic requirement for each of us.

As Ananta means endless or infinite, we in Sports Ananta believe the scope for sports is Anant – in bridging the gaps or problems prevailing in our existing society in form of various barriers like religion, language, gender, color, class etc.

Just recall those days when you were kid, having fun while doing sports with your friends, irrespective of having different religion, sex, language – living in that very moment. Unfortunately, playfulness diminishes with the growing age – which the educated society is called gaining “maturity” but at the cost of losing playfulness and innocence.

Is this barter fair enough?

Achievement in sports had always united the country whether such achievements was at different generation, like in Cricket – India’s world cup win at Lords in 1983 or the world cup won in 2011 in Mumbai whether it was different sports arena like achievement by the Indian Hockey team or by Indian Shuttle players, whether it was different country like South Africa winning the Rugby world cup in 1995. In sports, all the barriers like cast, creed, sex, language, color merge together – thus providing a universal platform for celebration.

Why can’t these celebrations be Anant rather than of bubble reputation?

We in Ananta believe that we can have such infinite celebrations by igniting the sportsman spirit while performing our day to day activities. Our primary objective is to promote sports in order to bridge the gaps prevalent in our current society. Our team comprises of those who have passion towards sports and believe in sportsman spirit as a universal solution to any kind of problem.

We look forward to your valuable suggestions and active participation in the process of making sports a part of our day to day life.

You can join SportsAnanta as a member or as a volunteer to support this initiative in your area.

Sports has infinite possibilities which are yet to be explored. Let’s explore it together!!!

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